Type:        RFP, Educational
Scope:       New Construction, Remodel and Renovations
Client:      Pinellas County Schools
Location:    St. Petersburg, FL
Status:      During Construction
Consultants: George F. Young, Inc
             McCarthy & Associates, A Division of Pennoni
             Engineering Matrix, Inc
             Terra Tectonics Design Group, Inc
Contractor:  Cutler Associates


Lakewood High School will undergo the following renovations and additions:

Building 1: The administration building will feature a renovated reception and lobby.
Building 5: Renovated auditorium lobby and auditorium with new floor, wall and ceiling finishes, improved acoustics and lighting, new wood stage flooring, and replacement of folding partitions. Additionally, existing windows will be removed and in-filled.
Building 7: The gym renovation includes refinishing and re-striping the wood floors, the wooden bleachers, re-painting walls, removing the ceiling, replacing lighting and mechanical fixtures, and providing acoustical panels. The existing group restrooms will be renovated into a new training room. A new entry will be created by renovating the existing weight room & wrestling space into a new lobby with concession and ticketing rooms for school’s athletic events. The addition consists of new restrooms, weight room, & wrestling practice room.

The Courtyards will be renovated and covered. The existing classrooms and roofing between buildings 1 and 2 will be removed to create a large East / West courtyard. The courtyards will feature new hardscape, landscape, and outdoor seating. New translucent canopy covers will be provided for the two main courtyards. A small grab-and-go kitchen will be added on the west side of the administration building.

Finally, the cafeteria’s service yard will be enclosed with screened walls, and a sidewalk will be added to connect the main campus to the remote boardwalk.

Entry Concept Study
Front Left
Proposed Entry
Auditorium Lobby Concept Study
2018-1-22 Auditorium Lobby
Proposed Auditorium Lobby
Courtyard Canopy Concept Study
Proposed Courtyard
2018-1-22 Cafe Kitchen
Proposed Grab and Go Kitchen
Gym Front-3.1
Proposed Gym Entry
Proposed Gymnasium Renovation